January Project Week – Day 1

This week, our Project is entitled “We are ALL Born Entrepreneurs,” and we are delving deep into the business world!   Our first day started with some lessons in how to be an effective person – both professionally and personally.  We explored the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People written about by Steven Covey.  Covey’s book was (and still is!) extremely popular and has helped many people become more effective!

After these sessions, we embarked on a trip to Sodexho to learn more about organizational management.  Students saw first-hand the management structure of the company, and they learned from Professor Andrzej Blikle about what good management should look like.  CEO of Sodexho Services Central and Eastern Europe, Yann Gontard, also spoke with us about how he manages this company.



Holiday Festivities

December at MIS is nothing short of an extravaganza!  The students worked hard in the last weeks before the break in order to fully experience all the season has to offer.

Grade 8 spent the month digging into the Christmas classic, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  We explored the Victorian Era and the Christmas traditions that originated from Dickens’ time.  We viewed the 1984 film version of the movie – a classic it’s own right – with George C. Scott in the leading role of Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Students from all grades rehearsed regularly to perfect their roles in this year’s Christmas Show.  It was a wonderful success – funny and meaningful for the spirit of the season!  A special thank you to all those who made our Wigilia evening so meaningful!

The following day we took our learning outside the classroom!  MIS had the opportunity to learn about Staropolska cooking traditions at Villa Intrata.  We learned about the traditions of Polish cookings, and got our hands dirty in the kitchen making pierogi and kompot. It was certainly a reward to taste our creations.  Some of our students were even featured in a piece for television.

And of course the holiday season isn’t complete without some ice skating!  We had a wonderful time on a beautiful sunny day skating with friends!

November Project Week – Life is a Miracle, Peace is a Miracle

By Ms. Jolene

Our humanities project week took place November 14-18.  It was a sobering time of reflection on the life and times of the heroes in the book Kamienie na Szaniec.  As an American, I was not familiar with the story, but with 3MIS as our teachers, I learned right along with our students.

Day 1 – 3MIS Taught us about the life and times of the main characters.  We also watched the 2014 film by the same name and had a surprise visit from some of the actors in the film.

Day 2 – An excursion through the central part of Warsaw allowed us to see first hand where the young men lived and went to school.  To see these places first hand helped bring to life the importance and message this book has for us.

Day 3 – We learned about “Fair Play” and some of the history of sport and tourism in Poland at the Olympic Center on the north side of town.

Day 4 – At the PAST building, we met with Mr. J. Jakubowski who taught us about his life as a child during the Warsaw Uprising.  We also traveled to the Warsaw Zoo to learn about the efforts of the Zookeeper and his wife during WWII.  Having read the book The Zookeeper’s Wife in English, I was particularly interested in seeing the home where so much history happened.  An American film is being made about this same story and will be released in 2017.

Day 5 – Our final day was emotional as the students visited some significant historical locations including our heroes’ final resting places in Powązki Cemetery.  Students used their time this day, to finalize their projects – interactive maps which are on display in the main hallway at school.
birch crosses

Project weeks are an excellent way for our students to deepen their knowledge about a particular subject.  This week was a success for all, and we look forward to the next one.

our new canadian program teacher

Jolene Brydalski Bowser , MSEd TESOLBrydalskiBowserJolene

Born and raised in Rochester, New York, USA, I always wanted to see more than my small corner of the universe.  I have long had a fascination with travel and languages, from the time I was quite young.  My first studies in college were in International Relations and trade.  I studied languages and hoped to one day be tri-lingual.  But life has a way of changing our best laid plans, and I found myself in the field of education.  I was first certified to teach elementary education and students with disabilities, but I quickly felt the call of the international on my life.  I returned to school for a Master’s degree in teaching English as a second language, and blended my two passions together.  For 12 years I have been teaching in the Rochester, NY area.  I have taught a wide range of grade levels and subjects, but primarily I have taught ESL.  I believe in empowering students with language so they can fully experience the world around them.  It has been a constant pleasure to work with and also learn from students of varying language backgrounds.

More recently I became an adjunct professor teaching both English learners at the undergraduate level and future teachers of English in a TESOL Master’s program.  During the last year, I decided to make the switch from public schools to private work, where I’ve been blessed to teach children and adults from around the world.  I’ve spent the last two summers in Poland trying to improve my Polish, and I haven’t had enough.  I love Poland: the land and its people.   I am very excited to be joining the Middle International School.  With great anticipation, I am looking forward to this new opportunity.  Together, my students and I will explore the world through the English language!

When I am not teaching, you can usually find me outside exploring.  I used do long distance running, but have since shifted my efforts to hiking.  I enjoy traveling, tennis, gardening, reading, studying languages, eating and cooking foods from around the world, meeting new people, and living life to its fullest.  

I look forward to meeting you soon!

MIS Talent Show

The boys performed as “boy band” one direction.


Lip sync and dancing to the song  “One Thing.”


Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis were all over the stage…


…interacting and playing with the audience.


…they went from the stage and brought fans who wanted to sing with them.


A minute later Disney’s greatest hits as performed by Marysia and Natalia.


Amelia surprised us with her talents.


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Impressionist Art

lmpressionism is where art and literature crossover the most. Just to feel the different currents and brushes that we made.





A game of light and shadow, impaired perspective, and blurred lines are everything that is characteristic of impressionist art. They are the characteristics that you try to put into your work.




A great class prepared by Ms. Karolina and MS. Annie Maślińską -painter, artist and mother of one of the students.



As you can see it went really well.

The school you love!